A Word from the Editor

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Dear Reader:
Thank-you for taking the time to read this small yet colorful literary and fine art review.  As you may notice, the volume of our contributors is increasing, in accordance with the growing amount of quality submissions we have recently received.  We hope this trend continues.
You may notice that several of our poetry and fiction selections deal with the issue of war, an issue which continues to affect our country deeply.  This is only natural, as writers and poets are compelled to discuss and portray their thoughts about the world, and current events often dictate a particular work's subject matter.  This magazine is not politically inclined, but some of its contributors are.
Thanks again for checking out the second installment of the magazine, check back for more deadlines and upcoming issues, and keep sending those incredible submissions which make Baker's Dozen a little bit better each and every time.  We would like to thank the following sites for allowing us to promote the site freely and for providing great opportunities for writers and artists to be heard and seen:
Finally, we would like to thank you, the reader, without whom all this would be pretty much pointless.
John Hocter

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